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Tracy B.

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I first became acquainted with Ed & Juli through a friend and co worker. I watched her experience a lot of health issues as she became aware that she had many food allergies. She had to totally change the way she had been eating. She began looking and feeling so much better after going through their program!


I had a terrible reaction to an antibiotic I had taken and was given more antibiotics to counteract the effects of the first antibiotic. It took eight months for my stomach to return to 

normal. Then I began taking on responsibility of a mother with dementia. The stress was wearing me down and I began having issues with my blood pressure and my stomach again. I could not sleep at night and I was tired all the time. My friend suggested I talk to Ed and that is where I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Ed and Juli are so compassionate about living healthy! They taught me so much about listening to what my body was trying to tell me. 


The stress in my life was causing many digestive problems. I began taking some digestive enzymes and a couple other enzymes to help my body heal. Your body makes enzymes, but the stress we put it through cause it to become unbalanced at times. So with the enzymes and the encouragement from Ed and Juli to take care of Me, I began to feel so much better.


I still take digestive enzymes before I eat and have made many changes in what I eat. The best part is your body heals itself when it gets balanced again. I occasionally take enzymes if I start to to have issues, but learning how to eat healthier, getting more exercise and taking care of me has made all the difference. Ed and Juli have taught me that and I truly do feel better.

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