Digestive Health

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Holistic Nutritional Coaching Consultations

Knowing what to expect during our holistic nutritional coaching program will help you prepare for your first visit and your commitment to helping yourself feel better. Holistic healing is not a miracle cure and it does not happen overnight. The holistic nutritional approach starts with the most basic function of the body - digesting food and turning it into energy. By improving what you eat and how your body handles it, your body is able to alleviate stress from specific organs which may be causing the manifestation of other symptoms and illnesses. We help you help your body become the well-oiled machine it was meant to be, and provide an optimal environment for your body to begin healing itself, just like it was meant to do.  It is a slow, but effective process and when combined with a lifestyle change, can become a phenomenal form of prevention and wellness. 




Your First Consultation

Your first visit will last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours. This visit includes the following: 


  • Fasting Exam

  • Signs & Symptom Survey

  • Homeostatic Digestive Challenge Test & Palpation Exam

  • Urinalysis 


To prepare for the fasting exam, please do not eat or drink anything (besides water and/or necessary medications) for twelve hours prior to your visit. 

Your Second Consultation

What is a Homeostatic Digestive Challenge and Palpatation Exam?

At your second visit, we will discuss the results of your Urinalysis and go over a nutritional plan that includes enzyme supplements which is specifically tailored to your body and its needs. 

At each of your follow up visits afterward, we'll discuss your progress and do a Palpatation Exam to guage how your body is responding to your nutritional therapy plan.

When an organ is under stress, there is increased muscle tension around it associated with the symptoms because each digestive organ shares a common nerve supply with specific muscles. By palpating, or "feeling", the muscles around the organs before and after a meal, we can determine if those organs are stressed when they are presented with food. From there, we can determine what dietary changes need to be made to relieve the stress and which digestive supplements can aid the process. 


Your body must be able to digest food properly and utilize the nutrients accordingly, otherwise your immune system will be working overtime, making you susceptible to illness.