Digestive Health

A Simply Feel Better cooking class is unlike any other you've attended.  You won't just cook-you'll learn enlightening and lifestyle-changing information about the history of our food and how it has changed over the past century-especially the last 30 years.


You'll discover how we have gone from eating just good, wholesome food to adding over 3,000 products to our diet that are not food-based! You'll learn how ingesting these chemicals, preservatives and additives affect our digestive and overall health, how processed oils, sugars, and refined carbohydrates are the biggest threat to our health, and why diets don't work and never will. 


We'll introduce to you a new concept, one that approaches your health from the inside out-that self love, knowledge, and awareness are the keys to your health.


We'll also eat and be merry while you learn the basics of healthy oils and fats, taste the differences in bread quality, and see how quality in whole grains are important-and tasty! We'll talk about the basics of juicing and how to practice getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet. We show you how to upgrade the quality of many common supermarket items like whipped cream, salad dressings etc. by making them at home and we'll go over sweeteners and lay out products all the way from dried fruit to xylitol.


Additionally, you'll create at least two healthy recipes. We'll eat, learn, love and have a lot of laughs!


A healthy life is not a life of deprivation, but of quality and abundance!


Holistic Cooking Classes & Coaching in the St. Louis Area

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