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After my youngest child was born, I began having pain in my knees and felt constantly fatigued. I was nursing so I thought that was causing my perpetual tiredness. Then the pain spread to my hands and elbows and everything started hurting, my feet started to swell and I never felt good.


I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and started a regime of medicines that caused many side effects, finally ending up on multiple medications and injections. I began experiencing severe




Dawn M.

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severe migraines that would literally paralyze me to the point that my doctors thought I might have been having strokes. This went on for six years. That is when I went to Ed and Juli at Simply Feel Better, desperate for some kind of help. They helped me learn what was going on with my body and how to deal with it. I was out of pain in just two weeks and began to get my energy back - I could not believe it! I changed my diet and learned what was causing my issues. I followed an enzyme routine, increased my water intake and became more aware of how my body was reacting to specific foods. 


In the beginning I took multiple enzymes to get everything back into balance and then eventually came off of all of them. Now, with the knowledge I have gained from Ed and Juli, I control the way I feel without the use of medicine and supplements, but instead by becoming more aware of my body and what and how foods affect it. 


If you want to feel better Ed and Juli have a wealth of knowledge to help you learn how to help yourself feel better. I am sure glad I came to them.

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